Wine tasting in the Algarve: Getting your Tastebuds Tingling

A region famous for its beaches, watersports, and resorts, the Algarve’s not best known for its wines. However, while the dramatic descents of the Douro and sweeping planes of the Dão have had their wines lining the shelves of supermarkets far and wide, Portugal’s southernmost coastal region has been quietly cultivating its very own wines […]

Wildlife in the Algarve: Dolphin, Whale, and Birdwatching

Boat trips to explore the sea and skies When in the Algarve, there are some activities visitors simply shouldn’t miss. One is exploring some of Europe’s best beaches, but another unmissable attraction lies just beyond the Algarve’s golden sand, diving among and over the waves. Home to a vast array of sea creatures big and […]

Wondering What to do in the Algarve this Summer?

Check out our top tips of Tours in the Algarve   Golden sandy beaches, guaranteed sunshine, and striking scenery have people from around the world flocking to the Algarve every summer. But beyond providing an opportunity to laze in the sun, the region is home to landscapes of all kinds, culture, and history, not to mention […]