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While April may mean bucketloads of rain in many places, in the Algarve, it signals climbing temperatures and the very start of beach season for some – especially those heading over on their Easter holidays. So, with summer quickly approaching, what better time to find out about the best beaches in the Algarve, more specifically, the best beaches in the Carvoeiro area? 

Boasting swathes of golden sand, soaring cliffs, and hidden coves only accessible from the water, Carvoeiro is home to some of Europe’s most beautiful beaches, so read on to find out more about them! 

Vale Espinhaço Beach

The closest beach to the Rocha Brava Village Resort is Vale Espinhaço beach: a tiny cove nestled 120 metres deep into the cliffs and accessible by sea only. If you want to explore this tiny beach and the rock rising out of the water just off the coast, you’ll want to head down in low tide, or there’ll be no sand at all! 

Vale de Centeanes Beach

Heading 3 minutes walking west from the Rocha Brava Village Resort is slightly larger Vale de Centeanes Beach, another cliff-lined stretch of sand, though this one features sandy caves that extend under the cliff faces, perfect for exploring. Head down a long staircase to reach the sand and waves lapping down below, and if you’re up for a watery adventure, how about a touch of snorkelling to take in the molluscs, anemones, and schools of fish swimming by? 

Carvoeiro Beach

No list of the best beaches in the Carvoeiro is complete without Carvoeiro beach itself. Ideal for those looking for something a little less remote, Carvoeiro Beach lies only a 7-minute drive from the resort in the town of Carvoeiro itself. A trip to the picturesque town, its traditional white cottages lining the tops of the cliffs, will take you through winding lanes past traditional facades, gift shops and restaurants serving fresh fish, until you reach the golden sand. Colourful fishing boats can be seen in the water here, and you can even go on a trip from here to see sea caves, dolphins, and more of the Algarve’s gorgeous coastline. 

Carvalho Beach

Heading in the opposite direction, east of the resort and only a 4-minute drive away, lies Carvalho beach, a treasure hidden among the cliffs, reminiscent of something straight from an adventure film. Accessed via steep steps carved into a tunnel through the rock, the cliffs surrounding the golden stretch of sand boast a range of other shapes, from a ledge perfect for diving off to a bar complete with a bench. A sharp section of cliff also rises out of the sea in front of this beach, decorating the horizon with its ochre tones. 

Benagil Beach

The next beach on our list lies less than a kilometre from Carvalho beach, though the attraction isn’t the beach itself. This is because the beach can be used to access Benagil cave, one of the most iconic attractions in the Algarve and a striking natural wonder carved over millennia. The closest beach to the sea cave, Benagil beach is the departure point for boats, kayaks, SUP boards and even the odd swimmer as they set off to explore the cave, which can only be reached by sea. So, how will you choose to explore one of the Algarve’s worst-kept secrets? 

Marinha Beach

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best beaches in the Algarve is award-winning Marinha beach, voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and the world, time and again. This beach has steep cliffs, winding walkways, sparkling water, and dramatic rock formations, which form a heart shape if seen from the right angle. Less than a 10-minute drive from the resort and boasting the most extensive stretch of sand of all the beaches on our list, the reasons to visit this particular beach are endless.  

Explore the Best Beaches in the Algarve when you stay at the Rocha Brava Village resort

From lounging in the sun to scrambling through a rock face, the sheer range of beaches in the Algarve provides activities for all tastes, ages, and inclinations. And where better to stay than mere minutes from some of the best beaches the Algarve has to offer, at the Rocha Brava Village Resort?

The Algarve’s best beaches are calling – when will you answer their call?

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